(My two cents on Operation Protective Edge)

These are no words of hope and love these are words of despair brought to you in English so all shitheads of all nations could follow

Sick and tired

In this money-überalles-era I’m not sure at all anything we say or do…
Lollypops for the masses, something to chew on
Europe Europe bla bla bla white supremacy
Healthy rich white Latte drinkers… oh they care how they care!
Work on your hobbies or visit a shrink – It’s so hard existing nowadays!

I just can not hear this ignorant bullshit

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t serve in the army because i think the occupation is illegitimate and morally wrong. So I refused to be part of this mechanism. Never the less I don’t believe in pacifistic shit. If someone will threaten my life i won’t have a problem ripping his heart out with my bear hands. On a bad day I might even enjoy it.

Meanwhile in Jerusalem the judeo-nazi fire of bigotry and hate burn people alive and no trace of the humanism and love of men which were the moral base of Zionism (yea I know, please refer to §XYZ and/or go hang yourself). This fire is being fed from above supported by the crooked smile of the police. We had: Price tag policy, abduction, torture, torture murder, marches, regime that encourages and incite, leftist-hunt throughout the streets of Tel Aviv. If someone think this is where it’s gonna stop, he is mistaken. There is and there was no status quo, slippery slope and exponential acceleration – yes we can!

Peace will come only after one side will eliminate the other or after enough blood is shed – evil Europe is a great example for this concept.

Call me selfish but I’m personally more concerned about what’s going on with Israel’s character and the changes it is going through.
But hey you are more interested in how your Latte is being served
…not to mention western world wealth
…weapon export (Germany – the country which didn’t suppose to build an army is the fourth biggest weapon exporter of the world).

A two years old – not even – she was born in the last Gaza war. Hears the missiles alarm and jump automatically into my arms. She knows we have to run to the shelter four stories below. Already a soldier in one of the biggest military camps of the world. She is holding me tightly pressing her head to my chest I feel like papa-monkey. She doesn’t know me, I’m a friend of her mom, last time we met was one year ago. Family Family Nation Nation. I recall the smell of the rubber of the gas mask from the Gulf War when I was ten. War War War.

The house is burning and not because of rockets. Friends were attacked in the middle of the city by a group of Nazis. They crushed a chair on the head of one demonstrator. Of course the policemen stood and watched, no one was arrested. Oh yea, I don’t mean Nazi Arabs in Berlin, I mean Judeo-Nazis in Tel Aviv. The true fire which need to worry us, is the fire which will stay after “we“ will „win”. It’s the fire of ignorance and hate the fire that burns any chance of healthy normality in this magnificent holy shithole. The next political murder is c……o…..m….i…n..g.

Talking bout civil war. For the first time I think thank god we have television.

Sorry especially for the European readers i know you prefer happy ends even more than the Americans do.

Everyone should be able to express his opinion even if it’s not clear why the hell he has an opinion on the first place, but really the amount of ignorant shit I hear lately really makes me reevaluate the credit I give the German society. Now about this anti-semitism debate – please just stop! You are just making it worse. All those posts about orthodox Jews or whatever that are against the war – wow people of the same religion have different opinions… amazing, really! You know what? That’s even OK supporting this war not that I do but it doesn’t make you an inhuman monster, if you do. How many Palestinians support violence? How many of you support violence? With your taxes, your political views, your unfair trade? It’s a big complex years old conflict – people can and should have different and complex opinions.

My Palestinian doctor is telling me about his Jewish friends and that not all Jews are necessarily Jews.

We were counting the deaths since the beginning of the war and got to more than a thousand then in a smaller article I saw that last week there were 1000 deaths in Syria, indeed one of the bloodiest weeks in this 3.5 years long war but still… Now, i know its an argument the Israeli right wing is using in order to wash clean Israeli crimes and point to the world’s hypocrisy but you have to admit it is almost surreal coming to think about the media focus on Gaza. What do you want? Really? Why you even care – seriously asking. It’s really hard to believe it has nothing to do with hundreds of years of anti-semitism or the insturmentalization of this conflict to European interests. Or maybe it’s more a thing of the mind, to feel good with yourself without having to do nothing and basically just positioning yourself – oh the heavvvvy burden of existence.

This reminds me on the other hand the hypocrisy of the Israeli society we had this two weeks long festival about the kidnapping of the three Jewish teenagers (mass-prayer at the Rabin square?! Learning from Iran now or what? Or is it some weird fusion of new-age yoga chants meets middle eastern holiness) but back to the point exactly one week later an Arab teenager was kidnapped and burned alive – the authorities were trying to prove he was killed by Arabs cuz he was gay / families fight / all the above, nothing and just because and anyhow thats what Arabs do… so… no phone call from Mr. Netanyahu not even a tweet „the police is working on it we will find out, my condolences“. To be fair – after a week and lots of violent demonstrations, the PM did call. He by the way also was very sorry after Rabin’s assassination and this after standing in front of a paper coffin a demonstrator made for the murdered PM at one of the many violent right wing demonstration at the time before the murder. Oh well. In the meanwhile they bombed a tunnel meant for a terror attack near the Kibbutz of a good friend of mine. Arabs are scared in Jerusalem in Jaffa in Gaza basicly in the entire region. Jewes being attacked around the world, Hiding, lowering profile. Friends in depression all thinking of leaving. Friends have visions of death and burned bodies, a reminder of their military service.

Where is the money?

I don’t know with whom to demonstrate and on what.

The unofficial name of the Palestinian anthem is „My Land, My Land“ the Israeli anthem is called „The Hope“.
No land. No hope.
No land, no hope?
No hope, no land?

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